Presenting a house for sale – six things to consider

When preparing to sell a house there’s a lot to think about. And when it’s on the market, you ideally want lots of interest in a short space of time.

Spending some time presenting a house for sale not only increases your chances of getting a faster sale, but can even add on an extra bit of value.

Here are our 6 tips for presenting a house for sale to get you off to a strong start:

Kerb appeal matters

From the moment they pull up, buyers are going to be taking in every detail and making conscious and subconscious judgements on your property. You want your property to start off with good marks, and a few doorstep adjustments can make all the difference.

Removing your car from the driveway gives the buyers a chance to take in the full view, and adding some pot plants or hanging baskets can dress it up nicely. Could your front door do with a lick of paint, or maybe just a good scrub? We’re guessing it couldn’t hurt!

Create a welcoming hallway

Buyers often know from their first steps into a home whether it is for them or not. Having your hallway, light, bright and clutter free is essential to making it saleable. Piles of shoes and rows of coats hanging along the walls are going to make everything feel smaller and less inviting. Make sure the lighting is warm and welcoming, and invites the buyers to see more.

Need a bit of guidance on your property’s best features are? Why not book a free valuation and have one of experts offer you their impartial advice?

Banish bold patterns and colours

Everybody’s tastes are different, so when preparing your house for sale, you want to strip it back as much as possible. Painting walls neutral colours helps to make the rooms look larger and lighter, as well as allowing the buyer to see it as their own blank canvas.

De-clutter to sell up

Clutter distracts buyers from the house itself, as well as making everything appear smaller. You don’t have to de-personalise everything as homely touches help, but excessive belongings on display can look untidy.

If you have outgrown your house, don’t let it show! Pack things away in storage, otherwise you might leave your buyers wondering how they would fit everything in too.

Get everything spick and span

When selling a house, you can never be too clean. A bit of dust and dirt might only be on the surface, but that won’t stop it dampening a buyer’s whole perception of the property. They want to imagine themselves living there, so your dirty dishes in the sink are going to be a real turn off.

Focus on the finishing touches

To bring out the charm of your property, you want it to look its very best. A bowl of fruit and clean tea-towels in the kitchen, a vase of fresh flowers in the hall – these touches are going to brighten the whole pace up. And if it’s an evening viewing, lighting a fire or scented candles are going to make it all the more homely.

When you’re getting ready for a house viewing, the aim of the game is to keep it clean, simple and homely. Once you’ve done that, the property – and your estate agent – will be able to do all of the talking.

Are you looking to sell your property? Our experts can provide you with practical advice on presenting a house for sale, as well as providing a free and impartial valuation.

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