Hamilton Bower makes first acquisition in expansion programme

Hamilton Bower has completed the first stage in its expansion programme with the acquisition of fellow rival, Ludbrooks at Northowram, Halifax. The company, which started out with a branch in Shipley, West Yorkshire, is delighted to announce that we have … Read more >

Presenting a house for sale – six things to consider

When preparing to sell a house there’s a lot to think about. And when it’s on the market, you ideally want lots of interest in a short space of time. Spending some time presenting a house for sale not only increases your chances of getting a faster sale, but can even add on an extra bit of value. Read more >

Landlords – how should you carry out a valid right to rent check?

Changes to right to rent earlier this year now mean landlords and agents also need to put in place measures to ensure their tenants are legally entitled to rent in the UK. Here we look at how it is landlords and agents should be tackling the new checks. Read more >

2016 Right to rent checks – when do they apply?

With fines of up to £3,000, the right to rent scheme worth looking into. In this blog we go over what type of tenancies the new rules apply to, and which tenants need to be checked. Read more >

Important changes to right to rent for landlords – and how you could be affected

With rental legislation constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the requirements. As market experts, we keep our customers informed every step of the way. And working alongside landlords allows us to help make sure all the boxes are checked. Read more >

Why we’re different

At Hamilton Bower we’ve worked hard to create a culture we’re truly proud of, and as a result we have confidence in the exceptional level of service we provide. Here’s 5 reasons why. Read more >

The six ‘C’s for selling your property

It takes less than ten minutes for viewers to make a decision on a whether or not a property makes their shortlist, with some research suggesting it can happen as quickly as eight seconds into the viewing. With that in mind, it’s vital that your property stands out from the crowd – and the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Read more >

Do you really need an EPC?

Moving house is expensive, so the last thing you need is further costs for paperwork like Energy Performance Certificates. If you think EPCs are a waste of time and money, you’re not alone – so here’s James Hamilton to explain what they are, how to use them and whether they are worth the added expense. Read more >

How should you choose an estate agent?

So you’re looking to sell your property. You want to put it on the market and you’re looking for an estate agent to do just that. Choosing the right one is essential in guaranteeing a smooth and successful sale. But how do you know a good estate agent from a bad one? In this blog we will look to offer you some valuable tips in separating the wheat from the chaff, the professionals from those looking to take you for a ride. Read more >

The advent of online estate agency and why high street is still a viable option

If you’ve chosen to sell your house with an online agency then you’ll find yourself very alone when things go bad and this is when your moving chain can start to fall apart. A knowledgeable estate agent can help guide you through the process and provide a valuable sounding board if things get a little tricky. It’s all about local knowledge and customer service – something which most likely won’t be included in your online package. Read more >