The six ‘C’s for selling your property

It takes less than ten minutes for viewers to make a decision on a whether or not a property makes their shortlist, with some research suggesting it can happen as quickly as eight seconds into the viewing.

With that in mind, it’s vital that your property stands out from the crowd – and the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Here are our six ‘C’s to help you breeze through the viewing process.

  1. Control your clutter

Clutter is just part of living and trying to maintain that ‘show home’ look for the duration of your selling experience is unrealistic. So, when you know you have a viewing, simply grab a washing basket or a box, pick up paperwork, shoes, clothes, toys and anything else that doesn’t belong on the floor and hide it away in a cupboard, up the loft or even the car.

  1. Curb unwanted odours

If you know you have a viewing tomorrow, then perhaps tonight isn’t the best night to get creative in the kitchen. Avoid cooking food with strong or lingering smells and open windows to let the fresh air in – especially in winter when our homes tend to be sealed for long periods of time. You could try putting few drops of vanilla or lemon juice in a bowl and placing it in the oven on a low heat – it will make your home smell nice and fresh.

  1. Complete your chores

All the simple household tasks that you try to keep on top of really will make a difference when you’ve got a string of viewings booked. Make sure the kitchen is clear of crockery, hide dirty laundry away and put clean linen on the beds. If you work full time, ask for help from family and friends or even hire a cleaner.

  1. Check the lights

Make sure all the bulbs are working and rooms are well lit, particularly the kitchen. Why not consider a stronger watt bulb if a room lacks natural light or is poorly lit in the evenings? Or make the most of occasional lighting as well as the main light to brighten things up.

  1. Clear the garden

Mow your lawns if they need it, remove dead plants and rubbish and keep patio and drive areas weed-free, even in winter. You may not be green fingered, but paying a little attention to any unwanted distractions like untidy flower beds will make sure viewers are focused on the good points, rather than the amount of work they are going to have to do when they move in.

  1. Create a warm welcome

Could you improve the front of your house? Perhaps some colourful hanging baskets or a coat of paint on the door? Even moving your car off the drive can help prospective buyers fully appreciate the finer aspects of your frontage, such as bay windows, shrubbery or well-maintained block paving.

 For a more comprehensive guide on preparing your house for viewings, why not download our full guide here.

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